Stress To Resilience

This workshop sets out to assist participants to understand the processes related to chronic stress, while developing effective coping strategies towards enhancing resilience. Individual sessions may also be booked.

Next workshop date: 29 May 2021 (9am – 4pm)


Join us in discovering the positive aspects of stress and the danger of chronic stress. From the biology of stress to scientifically researched coping strategies. This workshop will empower you to effectively cope with stress.

All COVID-19 protocols will be observed. Only 10 participants can be accommodated. Elmari Horn our coordinator will make contact with you to finalise arrangements. 

Relaxation Sessions

These small group sessions are perfect for those clients that want to incorporate relaxation techniques as part of their individual therapy process or anyone that is curious and want to experience and enjoy the benefits of physical relaxation.

Next workshop date: 30 January 2021 -12:30-13:30


In the meantime, you can still let us know if you would be interested by clicking on the button below.

Reduce Your Anger

This service aims to assist participants to engage with anger in more effective manner. Through the use of small groups, it is possible to reduce cost without compromising quality of service. Individual sessions may also be booked.

Next workshop date: 28 May 2021

If you are interested in joining the next group of 10 people kindly email me and i will be in contact.